Things to do before I turn 30

I love a good bucket, especially in a list-form. While researching to get ideas for the following list, I was pleasantly surprised to have done a lot of things already that are on the bucket lists of many 20somethings. A bucket list in your 20s is like talking or walking for toddlers, you want to make sure you are hitting the milestones at a socially acceptable time. Here are some things to see, do, experience before I turn 30. I am a bit embarrassed about a few but honesty and willingness to learn are keys to success.

1. Learn to ride a bike-my family never had one and no one taught me and when I tried to teach myself I fell super hard once and since then I have been too scared to ride. But I would love to do a bike tour of some place.


2) Skydiving– I am too much of a chicken to bungee jump so having someone strapped to my back seems comforting. Though I do need to lose some weight before I can do that.


3) 365 day photo challenge- and be a bit more appreciative about the day to day amazingness of my life.


4) Get a dog– this could end up being a tough one as I am moving often, living out of suitcases in shared flats and I like being able to go on a moments notice. Therefore, I do not know if it would be fair to a dog. I would love to get a Scottish Highland Terrier but maybe in a few years. Till then, I have been meaning to ask around if I could walk other peoples dogs for practice purposes hehe.


5) Visit a drive-in cinema – it looks like so much fun in the movies.


6) Take my mom out do dinner- she always pays when I am home and we go out so it would be a nice sign that I am all grown up to be able to let her choose whatever she wants and pay.

7) Pay back my student loans– it is not crazy much but it does weigh on me as I am in a very financially unstable field.


8) Get a tattoo– I am pretty decided on that, even the motive and the placement. It has mostly been about the money, there is always an excuse, oh I need it for traveling, oh I need it to pay rent, oh maybe it will look weird because I am plus size and all pics of plus size girls with tattoos tend to be of pin up chicks with great hair and make up.


9) Become a diving master– I have dived twice and snorkeled a dozen times or maybe more. It is a big investment but I think I would like to spend a few years traveling in South East Asia and I have read that during the season you can find work easily and work for food and a roof over your head which is enough for me on that adventure.


10) Take a kickboxing class– I did an intro course many many years ago and loved it! I had loads of bruises and that did not bug me. Since then I have found it difficult to find courses for beginners other than weird aerobics-kickboxing workouts but not the real thing


11) Run a half marathon– funfact, I once walked a half marathon for charity but I am not fit enough at all to run one but I think, mentally and physically it would be an amazing experience.


12) Take a skiing lesson- I am from Estonia so I have been on skies before in physical education class in school but what happens if people force you to do something? You rebel against it. I have never enjoyed it, it is cold and wet and it hurts when you fall down. Maybe a lesson with a nice instructor would change my mind.

13) Shower in a waterfall- I am sure this one sounds good but is completely impractical but considering some places where I have showered in my life, it can not be that bad.

14) Go to a Star Trek convention- funfact, I did my MA thesis on Trek. I have always been a bit apprehensive about going to a convention cause I thought seeing stuck up actors would ruin my childhood fantasy of exploration. But I think now is the time to go, before they all turn 70 and I wont recognize them anymore.

15)  Go on a blind date or get set up for one by friends- never been on one, it could be great or insanely awkward for both.

16) Horseback riding– I have never been on a horse, I grew up in a city and was never that obsessed 12year old, so it was never really an option.

17) Learn to make balloon animals- enough said.

18) Fly a kite– freedom.

19) Go mirrorless for day– no reflections, no nothing. Even though I do not use make up and can live with my hair being all wavy and out there, I am super judgmental about my skin and my body and everything in the mirror so it would be healthy, I think.

20) Visit New York- ideally staying for a few months to get a feel for the place.

21) Move to Asia– I would love to live there for a few years, ideally a big city such as Shanghai and maybe a year in Indonesia. We will see where life takes me but I have been around Europe for a while now, Asia would seem like the next step in pushing myself.

22) Find a home and decorate it– till now all the places I live in are so short term that I do put up a poster and some pictures but I never bother renovating or buying any furniture or pillows or anything that is not absolutely necessary. It would be nice to create a home as supposed to throwing a mattress in the corner.

23) Get to know my neighbors- I want to bake cookies and go door to door to introduce myself.

24) Spend a night in a treehouse– cause why not?!

25) Eat nothing but fresh food for a week- I love my canned and frozen food. I would love to know if I would have more energy consuming fresh stuff.

26) Family tree– I am not big on family but I am interested on history and if anyone could do it, I would be super interested in knowing about my family tree.

27) Visit Disneyland– a holiday and rediscovering my inner child.

28) Watch every single one of the IMDb top 250 films | status: working on it 

29) Climb a rock wall– I am not scared of heights but I am not super strong and as a plus size girl I want someone to secure my harness who makes me feel comfortable and encouraged

30) Try Archery

31) Get fitted for bras– I have OK sized boobs but a wide underbust and I am tall and so on…I do not think I have ever owned a bra that has not poked me or left marks, this should change.

32) Learn self defense– guys, I hate the fact that any drunken idiot on the street yelling something can make me feel unsafe, unfortunately in this day and age, I as a woman need to know how to defend myself.

33) Kiss someone in the rain– Spiderman is to be blamed. Even if the kiss is bad, it seems like a romantic must-do.

34) Write and sell a script for an episode of a TV show

35) Learn sign language– or at least take a beginners course, I do not think I have the motivation to stick with it but it is a fascinating skill to have.

36) Have a hot stone massage– they look so relaxing, are they really, has anyone tried them?

37) Be a bridesmaid at a great wedding– I have been to a few weddings but only once as a bridesmaid when I was younger, I think it would be fun to have a boozy dance filled wedding and help to organize the night out for the bride-to-be beforehand.

38) Give up Diet Coke for a week/a month/a year– I am too addicted to it, if I am out with people and I do not want to have alcohol, I go for Coke. It is also a coffee substitute for me though I have started drinking the one without caffeine. It is silly but when I get stressed I drink it like water and my teeth are slowly paying the price.

39) Get a bikini wax– that might not be a bucket list item for many but a razor has done it for me till now but maybe it would be worth exploring that avenue…

40) Throw myself a huge birthday event– it does not even have to be a party but just go wild and crazy. Is anyone else still worried that no one cares about their birthday and wont come to the party or is that just me (nervous laughter)? I would love to forget that insecurity for a night and celebrate my awesomeness like there is no tomorrow. (I probably have to do it soon cause hangovers are becoming a bitch)

41) Learn to identify poisonous and edible plants in nature– I know one kind of mushrooms that kill you, other than that I will be wandering through the forest till I get WiFi.

42) Take a drumming lesson– and bang like there is no tomorrow.

43) Buzz hair off and dye blonde– think Amber Rose. While I am a bit worried about my head shape and my double chin and everything else, I need to do this once in my life. If not before 30 then when?

44) Sensory deprivation tank

45) Acupuncture

46) Learn to properly ice skate or rollerblade– now I have done both a few times but I am so scared of falling on my face that I look like a drunk duck. Practicing both is hard cause the ice rink is always full of people who skate super fast and if I rollerblade on the side of a road or a park and fall, they will never find my body…ever.

47) Be a nude model at a live drawing class

48) Work on my issues– as a kid who was bullied relentlessly for many years, I carry some issues around with me and I want my 20s to be a safe place where I heal, forgive and move forward.

49) Say “YES” for a whole month– anything that comes my way, just do it. I first have to watch the film though, please tell me he does not die in the end!!

50) Learn to cook better– I need to know some super quick hassle free, semi healthy recipes.

51) Go caroling OR trick or treating 

52) Take a hot air balloon ride– ideally at sunrise or sunset

53) Get off Facebook/the internet for one week– recently my laptop broke and I had to wait 4 days till the new one arrived, I almost had a panic attack, that is how much of an addict I am. I have no TV, DVD player, smartphone, many books, music players etc. My laptop does all of it so I always have an excuse to use it which is really unhealthy.

I do not own any of the pictures.


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