Lesser-known TV shows to binge-watch this weekend

Mildly spoilerific.

Resurrection– Currently in its second season, the show is about a government agent bringing a boy home to the child’s parents but they claim their son died 30 years ago *cue dramatic music*. Long story short, dead people come back but no worries, no zombies here, they look and act exactly like they did right before they died. It is suspenseful and the acting is good. I am really hoping there is a grand final resolution behind Resurrection and they do not leave me hanging. Be warned, there is occasionally unnecessary family drama.



The 100- I know this is a CW (the hot teenagers drama network) show but hear me out, they like murder people in really gruesome ways, who would have thought?! The show is set in the future, 100 years after a nuclear war, a few thousand people live in a massive space station…in space, obviously. They decide to send 100 teenage convicts to earth to see if it is habitable again. OK, the premise is a little stupid but I swear it gets good after a few episodes. Featuring a cast of smoking hot 20somethings playing moody teens, they discover on earth more that they had hoped for. This includes: actors from Dollhouse, broken heels, mountain people, space-humans knowing how to hunt, perfectly groomed people with no supplies, that hot guy from Lost and creepiness! Towards the end of the season it becomes a bit melodramatic with people going to save other people and getting lost and needing saving themselves. I hate that, this type of storytelling almost made me dislike Falling Skies. I seriously thought it would be garbage but The 100 manages to draw you in, give it a try as it got renewed for season 2.


Siberia– A pretend survival game show set in Siberia and everything goes wrong. Actors from all over the world play contestants hoping to win 500 000 dollars, the catch is they have to survive the winter in Siberia and the game has no rules. I cannot write too much as it would ruin the show but there are footprints and shotguns and Russian fairylights. Love love love Sam, Esther and Sabina (obviously). This show has 11 episodes and a possible second season in the works but really, even if the pay off is not amazing, the scary-mystery-unique premise combo will make up for it!!

Helix– A team of doctors goes to investigate a viral outbreak at a research station in the Arctic. What is it truly about? ZOMBIES. Well, vectors or whatever they call them. The show has quite a complex mythology featuring silver eyes, eternal living, viruses, Inuit children  and no chemistry between scientists (see what I did there). On the positive side, it offers some good jump scares and infected people who are so fast and smart that Walking Dead zombies can only weep in jealousy. If you are OK with people running around corridors within a small set, too many snow and wind sound effects and some wooden acting, then go for it. Guilty pleasure for sure.



The Wendy Williams Show– this is a different kind of guilty pleasure! This talk show is the most entertaining garbage I have seen in a very long time. Williams is a radio personality turned TV host who does interviews BUT the best part of the show, by far is “Hot Topics”. She sits in a purple chair and gossips about celebrities. But she rarely concentrates on female stars and their outfits or weight or whatever, so that makes it a bit better than your average gossip magazine. The show has an official Youtube channel, watch it while doing your nails and thank me (10hours) later.

Happy Town– I am actually watching this right as I am typing, so I cannot give a verdict yet. It is also a mystery show that lasted 8 episodes. It centers around a small town which experienced unexplained disappearances years ago. Now, a young woman is in town, a dude chops his hand off, an ex con had time to wax his chest…and plus it has Sam Neill and all the actors whose names you do not know from these other TV shows that ran sometime on some channel. It is fun though, I want to know what is behind it all!!

Which TV series are you obsessed with right now? Leave a comment below.

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