Looking for TV shows to binge watch this week?

State of Affairs– I like to think of Katherine Heigl as the chick from Roswell rather than the woman from Grey’s Anatomy. I saw the teaser for State of Affairs on Youtube a few months ago and it looked God awful. However…this is rather exciting, it is The West Wing meets Homeland meets some sexy CW show I cannot think of. Heigl is the briefer/adviser to the president. Give it 3 episodes and a central, somewhat worthy villain for the season will emerge. The critics hate it, I say it is very binge watchable and features many ideas on security and sacrifices that are at least intriguing though not fully fledged. It seems to be almost cancelled so you won’t have to spend too much time on it.tumblr_static_ar36xs4ezvkg0o8kksgkkwcgc

Community– if you want good comedy, for the love of God, watch Community. This quirky 30 Rock-esque story about a group of misfits at a community college has little to do with formal education. Jeff is the cutest antihero with his love for booze, boobs and all the fine things in life. All of us have an Abed in us. Troy and Abed are like a shoe and a sock. Before season 6 starts in March, make sure to at least check out seasons 1-3. There is some serious magic in there. The Christmas clay-episode made me cry, so did Jeff’s confession about cutting his stomach for sympathy (you will get it if you see the episode). Oh and team Jeff&Annie.


Suits– I think the show is about lawyers or something but who cares, everyone on this show is so cool, wears great clothes and is just so enviable. Harvey is smart and hot, imagine a male version of Olivia Pope (but smooth and with no emotions). Donna is the secretary we all wish we could be, sassier than anyone on Sex and the City. Jessica has the best clothes on TV. Yes, some secondary characters are annoying and the stakes don’t seem as high as the show makes it out to be but it is thrilling beyond words.

Harper’s Island– is a 13episode miniseries from 2009. A bunch of people go to an island for a wedding and …get killed off one by one, a modern whodunnit with actors whose names you don’t know but “they played that other guy on that other TV show”. I recently rewatched it, as first time around I did not guess the killer until 2 episodes before the end, so now I was looking for clues. Don’t expect Meryl Streep-esque acting and you will be pleasantly surprised.


Empire– Wendy Williams spoke about this on her show and she was right, it is (by far) the best new show on TV. Cookie, played by the amazing Taraji P Henson gets out of prison after almost 20 years. In the meantime, her ex-husband who she helped to get a start as a rapper, has become a billionaire music mogul. Their 3 sons are all grown up and don’t know her. And she is having none of it. There are twists and turns in every episode and they are somehow still believable? Weird. Anyway, watch it, only 6 episodes in and it got already renewed for another season! Behind every great man is an amazing woman, Cookie is flawed, maybe a bit of a caricature but a better rolemodel for women than anyone on Pretty Little Liars.


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