Plus Size Leggings and More (Winter Sales)

I have been a bad bad girl…

This week has been spent shopping, nothing extravagant but that is what the post-holiday sales are for, right? I do pretty much 95 percent of my shopping online, the only things I will always try on in person in store are shoes and bras. I do not trust no website with my boobs or feet y’all hehe.

ASOS Curve sale goodies included this skirt for 14 Euros that is unfortunately being returned as we speak. I really need a few new skirts as I basically own one right now but this flowery number was tight around the waist (no stretch at all) and weirdly wide around the hips. Imagine a hippy trashbag.


I also went for this black dress with cut out shoulders for 17 Euros. It has a great length, short but I can still sit down without exposing myself. The armpit part of the dress does hang a bit low due to the cut outs but it kinda adds to a nice relaxed fit. It is casual enough to be worn to work but versatile enough to be paired with something on a Saturday night. Also, it is 100 percent cotton though it feels like there might be some polyester in it, call me crazy but it feels “silkier” than your usual cotton piece. I might just be paranoid but I hate polyester, it makes me sweaty ew so I am glad ASOS Curve does still have some pieces in more breathable materials.

image1xl (1)

The other staple I love from ASOS are their simple black leggings.  I am about 179cm tall and usual plus size leggings are way too short on me and require the “hiked up socks look” to cover my legs in winter. An added bonus of the ASOS one is that they last forever! Well, a very long time. I have tried Forever 21 leggings on 3 separate occasions (basic black leggings are at 5 Euros, colorful ones are more but still affordable). However, mine started coming apart in the seams within 4-6 weeks of occasional use. New Look offers a good middle ground, both price and quality wise, it takes many washes before the seams come apart and they are still fairly cheap. But if you are tall and plus size and need black leggings to last a while, I need them for work, the Curve leggings cannot be beat. They are currently sold at 25 Euros for two pairs and if you have some patience, subscribe to the ASOS newsletter and you will often receive 10 or 20 percent-off codes. Sidenote, I really hope they are not sticking with the minimum 30 Euro order! I have been ordering from them for years but not large quantities at once. I will miss picking up the occasional “oh it is sale time, oh only 20 Euros, well OK” dresses.

Where do you like to pick up your plus size leggings? Maybe there is a fabulous place for me to discover.

image1xl (2)

The last thing I got was a winter jacket from H&M+. I surprised myself, I walked into store, grabbed it from the rack without browsing much, tried it on and bought it. That might not be weird for most people but I surprised myself. It is not on their website anymore which makes sense as it was on the 50 percent off rack. The original price was 69.95 which I already find a bit much for a jacket that I do not plan to wear for more than 2 winters. My body changes, I lose weight, I gain it. I like to go hiking so things get dirty, I wash them, they get holes. No way am I going to shell out the usual 100 Euros at most retailers for a winter jacket that I do not know how long I will have for. Anyway, since I still had a giftcard from my birthday, I only paid 15 Euros for this olive green jacket with a hood lined with fake fur. The jacket itself is lined with a white fluffy layer of god knows what but it is warm! The sleeves are long enough for my arms which is a relief and the jacket ends at juuust below my butt which I am very glad about. I was really looking for a jacket for the local climate, not too short, waterproof, with a hoodie, not too warm or too cold. If you are looking for something similar and can still find it in your local store, go for it. Note, I sized up so it would fit around my hips/lower stomach.

Here is to winter hopefully being over soon, cannot wait for the days to feel longer and doing more things outdoors again. Till then, happy shopping.

All photos from ASOS website.


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