That Time I Experienced 14 Awesome Things in 2014

14. A few weeks back I was able to try the Oculus Rift at film school. If you do not know what it is, imagine skiing goggles that open the door into the coolest virtual reality worlds. I felt a bit like maybe I am seeing the first steps towards a full fledged holodeck and that made my Trekkie heart siiiing.


13. I met Jeff. We just have so much in common. I took him home the first evening we met, even though that got me a few strange looks along the way. He is just always there for me, he is so bright and if I ever need him…Jeff can truly hold me and carry me through anything. What connects us most? Probably our shared love for water cause Jeff is a pool noodle. This year I got back into water aerobics which I enjoy tremendously. After a certain number of visits, you get given your very own pool noodle and mine is yellow and awesome. Suck on that, people who got married and had babies and other life changing shit happening this year.


12. Again, something that happened fairly recently. I took part in a hosting seminar at film school. We had a very similar one last year which was great as well but you know when you are depressed then even the most awesome things can seem a bit tiring? Anyway, I realized that I was pretty much the only one there who was not scared of the camera. I fucking love the camera and would gladly get hosting experience. I am a bit self conscious about being too fat and gangly for events, too inexperienced for TV and having a nasal sounding voice which would exclude me from a radio career. What do you guys think, are there still opportunities out there to give hosting a try?


11. I get asked often what the difference is between spending time abroad and living abroad. It might sound the same but for me the latter constitutes a commitment to the host country. I do not have a flat, a life, anything anywhere else than right here. (Which is not necessarily bad, I can pick up my suitcase and leave on a short notice, how many people can claim that?!) In 2014 I tried to make a bit of a commitment to the local lands, I donated blood regularly, I signed up for all necessary doctors (love my German dentist, she is like an angel). I did a German tax return, though you could claim I did it to get money back..which is mostly true. I voted at the local elections. I shoveled snow for Kehrwoche (if you have ever been here in Schwabenland or maybe even Baden-Württemberg as a whole, you will know how important that is for them!)  I know the name of my mailman and have a favorite bakery and it happens every now and again that people say “hello” to me in the streets. I am not anonymous here anymore.


10. I made some friends. Yes, I consider that kind of awesome. Probably did not make many friends but I got out of shell a bit, dared to go out and meet people. I tried to be not too scared or apathetic which again, if you are depressed, it is difficult to avoid. Meeting like-minded people is so wonderful, it probably goes back to the animal in us looking for a heard, whatever that means.


9. The screenwriting course I did early in the year was so inspiring. I do not know if I am any good or if I got any better through it but having someone make you sit down, stop watching NCIS and let the words come out…feeling creative and inspired is so valuable. In addition, we had a acting section in this course, playing the characters written by the other students. They are so talented, it was a joy.


8. Writing this I am surprised how many of my “highlights” had to do with film school.. Anyway, I was lucky enough to sit in a writing class held by Morgan Gendel. “Who?” He wrote a bunch of things, anyone remember VIP with Pamela Anderson? But as a Trekkie, I was most excited about him having written for TNG and DS9. He is responsible for the “Inner Light” which is a great episode but I am not even fangirling about that. It was just such a joy to discuss American TV instead of local German stuff I have never seen. I was in my element and could not stop smiling the whole day.

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