2014 in Retrospect: Part 2 of 2

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7. My old friend Leanne visited me early in the year which in itself is cool but it gave me/us the reason to explore Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart. Somehow it is important for me to do this in every city I am in and having someone to do it with got my butt out of bed. If I get hit by a car tomorrow, I can say that I spent a great day with an old friend at the local zoo 😛


6. Some of you might know that I dabbled into improv comedy in Glasgow in my last year of university and LOVED it, I am such a ham. But the excitement of not knowing what is going to happen (and not being scared of it), plus thinking quick on your feet, has helped me in other situations as well. I got back into it this year and even if I was tired after work and uni, it was so worth it.


5. Fasnacht! I went to Basel and I already blogged about my experience but I need to thank Eli again. I love traveling and did not do any really in 2014 but even if I had done more, Fasnacht would still stand out as an experience.


4. What is The Secret to Being Funny and Successful? That is the title of the documentary I directed and produced this year. I could write a whole book about that experience but I wont cause I am lazy. The shoot itself in Amsterdam was one of the most stressful yet exhilarating experiences of my life. Setting aside the film, seeing the city was great and meeting creative people and witnessing them doing their thing was inspiring.


3. I got two new jobs! I did not have much courage or energy to apply for many jobs so I am super grateful to have gotten these. I will try and apply more in 2015 cause I think I am becoming a little comfortable and settled in things that do not give joy to my heart. Sounds cheesy but it is true. One of the jobs is giving tours of the film school to visitors. I did work many open days at Glasgow Uni back in the day and enjoyed it but I had no idea that being a tour guide would fuel my fire… I guess it is part of the “teacher” in me combined with loving to be in front of a crowd. How could I get more out of this new found passion?


2. Being in Germany the year they won the World Cup was unbelievable. I was busy editing most of the time so I was not watching every match with facepaint on and a beer in my hand. Even so, the atmosphere was something that stands out. Sports bringing people closer together, who would have thought, huh?


1. Drumroll… the premiere of my film. Hands down the highlight of 2014. The experience making it gave me a few wrinkles but having everything fall into place and sitting there in the cinema, hearing the laughs from the audience, drinking cheap wine afterwards and having people I do not know congratulate me on it or offer advice and guidance was fucking awesome 😀 Yes, it is a student film but it is important to me. I invested a year of my life and am a proud of it.



PS: the photos are all of 2014 but placed randomly, more of a mood thing than examples.

Here is to 2015. I will try to be kinder to myself, not let fear and self doubt and the people around me stop me from chasing my very own path towards happiness. Hey, I should put that on a tshirt. 


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