That Time I Walked Home After a German Football Match

10509557_10154350799825608_5623162051660284579_nOn my 1year anniversary since arriving to Germany, I managed to catch the last few minutes of the Germany-Algeria match as it was shown in the same building where I currently edit my film. Germany won 2:1. On my way home I walked towards a big street, saw some sort of a dark wall right ahead, got closer and noticed there were lots of people standing tightly next to each other. I wondered if they were protesting against something…. Anyway, as I got really close, I realized those were police officers, lots and lots of police officers. “Hehe, maybe they are there to keep Algerian fans from jumping in front of cars”, thought my unfunny self. But the moment I turned the corner at that big street, a WALL of German fans came towards me, each yelling louder than the other. The main streets of this quiet little German town are all blocked off, it is insanely loud and there is police everywhere. Obviously, mostly teens and old dudes but many Germans have a Jekyll and Hyde thing happening that comes out especially during carnival and football- stern during the day, crazy (!) at night. I mean, Estonians occasionally show emotions when witnessing sports events but skiing does not usually bring the house down quite like that. I knew Germans loved their football but I must admit, did not expect that large scale reaction on a Monday night at 1am for getting through the round of 16 😀 Makes me excited (and a little nervous) for Sauerkraut vs Croissant on Friday, July 4th.


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