DB Advertisement Gone Wrong


Ever heard of the stereotype of German punctuality? It is not true, particularly when it comes to public transport. The above picture is an advertisement for the notoriously late and overpriced German rail service (Deutsche Bahn). The text on the red means “Order now”, the one below translates to “Book your cheap fares with the left (expression meaning: with ease). Starting at 29 Euro. With the cheap fare finder.”

The text in itself is not so off but just look at that picture one more time… After it popped up for me on their website today, I was left with so many questions. Did this lovely woman miss her train and is now heading home on foot? Does she live in the Alps? Does she have to book her ticket “with the left” cause her right hand is keeping her from plunging to her certain death? If she can afford a smartphone, she should have spent some of that money on a harness and some climbing gear. I know this woman looks all smiley in her flip-flops and tank top but my God, wrong time for multitasking.

Considering how much your tickets cost, dear Deutsche Bahn, please put the next 29 Euros towards a better Photoshop professional. In the meantime, I will take the bus.


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