My Taylor Swift Inspired Poem “About a Bum”


You call him and he doesn’t pick up

he is a bum

but you sit on the balcony of that hotel room and text him anyway in vain hope.

You know he isn’t that into you and you beat yourself up for falling for someone just cause he showed interest in you,

well not just cause, he did also have a good sense of humor

but he was a bum!

Why are you so desperate for love to turn your brain off and swoon for a bum

one who can’t even afford bed sheets without holes?

You go home, you delete his number and act all cool

but it fucking hurts,

he writes he is still into his ex, oh boo to the fucking hoo.

Then he wants to make it up to you, he wants to talk…so he brings his friend…

who does that?

Oh right, a bum!

He acts like he is cool but you kinda know he is not,

but you might have still drunk texted him two months later to suggest a meet up

and he said “cool”

and then you knew for sure that he was not cool.

Luckily you passed out on your own couch

and only beat yourself up a little for letting your guard down

and you decide to take the best out of that summer fling

and let go of the pain, the hurt and all the rest.


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