That Time I Made 7 (Accidental) Nazi References



This semester I am taking a screenwriting class and developing my very own film script. Last week we had to hand in a treatment which is kind of the selling document of a  writer who offers it to producers and production companies to find out, if they are interested in the idea/script. Anyway, mine features a university professor named Horst Jürgen as a supporting character. The name is not unusual, quite boring even. Since I am also rather lazy, I could not be bothered to write Horst Jürgen throughout those 10 pages so I thought about shortening it to…well, logically “HJ”.

Today, during my individual assessment with the lecturer, the lovely German lady asked me with a slightly shocked demeanor if I knew what HJ stood for? Turns out it is short for the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth)… yes, that paramilitary organisation of the Third Reich. Apparently, it is as infamous as HH or SS, and people even refuse to have license plates with those letters on their cars.

After laughing for 5 minutes straight, I apologized and used the naive foreigner card. But I do find this hilarious: the awkward moment of accidentally filling multiple pages with Nazi references. Oh those little cultural differences!  🙂


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