5 Dead People I’d Invite to My Dinner Party

I only bother to cook when there is an occasion. What would be a better one than having 5 awesome dead people coming over for dinner?!

Orson_Welles_1937I feel like Orson Welles would be the first guest to arrive, Orson, in his later years, did like to eat! He would be the guy who brings the fancy booze and snacks and crack some jokes. I wish I could sit down with him and ask him so many things about his films and working with Joseph Cotten (who I have a massive crush on…yes I know that he is dead as well). Fun fact, me and Orson share the same birthday, 74 years apart.

465px-CassandraAusten-JaneAusten(c.1810)_hiresJane Austen would arrive next and after she calms down about seeing all the modern kitchen appliances, she would tell the best stories at dinner about the men and women around her, with biting irony and eyes wide open. I would also love to hear her opinions on “50 Shades of Grey”.

The one commenting on the non efficient wording of my dinner party invites would probably be Joseph Goebbles.  Yup, that Nazi dude. OK, there is no doubt that the propaganda minister of the Third Reich was a dick but one thing the guy was good for was writing amazing propaganda material! One of my jobs during university included translating original documents from that time period, including lesser known speeches Goebbles had written. I know it is very difficult to differentiate the content from the style but from a writer’s perspective, he knew how to sell his ideas to the masses. He was a small man (165cm), he probably wouldn’t eat much of the food but I would put him in the corner and let him rewrite my CV. It would also be quite interesting to have Orson and Joseph argue for a while, since the former is said to have been very liberal for his times.

Einstein1921_by_F_Schmutzer_4Not just to spite Goebbles, I would also invite Albert Einstein.  He would probably forget to bring anything for the party and have terrible manners but this mild mannered genius could explain the world to me any day! I have always admired his curiosity for the world that led to us understanding it better. Another thing that is kick ass is how he denounced his citizenship when arriving in Belgium, look it up, it is quite fascinating.

Marylin-marilyn-monroe-34230228-500-313Marilyn Monroe would make the group complete. She would probably bring desert, although I doubt she made it herself with her being the biggest movie star and all busy and stuff. I would love to hear her views on female sexuality and feminism, in life and on screen. She and Jane could compare notes. Monroe would also be any gossipers (my) dream guest. I would die (no pun intended) to hear who in fact she did have an affair with and who killed her?!

There you have it folks, this dinner party and the conversations there in could be summed up as: creative, ironic, articulate, logical and seductive. Which 5 deceased famous people would you invite to your dinner party? Leave a comment!


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