9 Online Stores for the Quirky-Cool Plus Size Shopper

When I was a kid, I used to twist my Barbies to get them into elaborate outfits I had created. So either I have always loved fashion, or that was an early sign of a serious mental disorder. Either way, my personal fashion awakening only happened in my early 20s when I discovered that there are in fact cool clothes that can accommodate my insanely big hips. Yay for that fat kid not having to force herself into clothes 3sizes too small.

If you have ever met me, you have probably noticed that I dress like a colorblind homeless person and I love it! I would describe my style as quirky, comfortable and on a budget. I don’t care about mixing patterns or colors, I just think there are so many other things in the world to worry about. If I love two statement pieces and they happen to be clean at the same time, I will be rocking them out in public. Where do I get the stuff from? Below is a list of websites ranked from “cool store” to “OMG I want everything they sell”.

images9) PlusSizeFix 

Pros: very cheap, sexy, colorful, models on the website are actually the size of most of the customers

Cons: Most items are made of 100% polyester, expensive and confusing international shipping info

8) Yours Clothing 

Pros: great bras and panties for affordable prices

Cons: style very hit or miss, many items not super well fitted, worldwide delivery for £10 or less

06C43QBLK_large7) Evans

Pros: great office pieces (cardigans, trousers, long line tops), high quality workmanship, sign up for newsletter for lots of discounts, occasionally amazing fashion lines (Beth Ditto)

Cons: expensive, catered to an older and more reserved clientele, low quality lingerie, European delivery for €8 or less

6) Pink Clove

Pros: cheap, fashionable but not outrageous, especially love their dresses, good website

Cons: a small collection, European delivery is £8floral-skater-dress-p192-983_image

5) H&M+

Pros: cheap, good basics like tank-tops, cardigans, dresses, good for combining with fashion forward pieces, €4.90 delivery

Cons: 90% of the items are black, boring, stitching not always good quality

4) Modcloth

Pros: a goldmine for fashion forward, cute, colorful, quirky, well fitted amazing pieces (dresses and skirts especially), good sale options, wide selection

Cons: expensive, some items require dry cleaning, some countries ask for high customs fees

00090364-013) Forever 21

Pros: cheap, like a fashion forward and cooler version of H&M+, especially liking the tops and leggings, lots of different fabrics

Cons: two of the tops I got were fairly see through (maybe just my luck), €6 shipping (which seems like a lot considering how cheap the items are)

2) New Look

Pros: ridiculously cheap, basics and fashion forward pieces, wide selection, amazing sales, good fit, seasonal changes really evident, €5 delivery to most of Europe306905801

Cons: some items are seriously hideous (but to each their own), has gotten a bit more pricey, a bit too many polyester items, occasionally color of items washes out quickly etc

1) image1xlASOS Curve

Pros: everything! huge selection, great quality, quirky, cool, cute, fashionable, they carry a variety of lines, FREE delivery and returns, no seriously half of my wardrobe comes from there (especially in love with their dresses)

Cons: on the pricey side (though lots of promotional codes etc)

Honorable mention goes out to Ebay. Occasionally, you can get unworn pieces from all of the above stores for great prices. Requires a little stalking though.

But seriously, be bold and stop worrying about flattering shapeless black dresses. Be yourself and play around a bit more, the worst thing that can happen are some hilarious photos you can giggle at 15 years from now.

All pictures owned by the respective websites.


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