9 Reasons Why I Think I am Failing at Being an Adult


1)      I am soon to be unemployed

2)      I have no prospects of being employed in my desired field

3)      I have shitloads of debt from studying something that did not teach me any real world skills

4)      I have not ironed a piece of clothing in six years (for a job interview once I left my outfit outside the shower cause some blonde on TV said it should work as good as steaming my clothes, she was right)

5)      I have not done my dishes in 2 weeks, I am down to using my dessert forks to eat macaroni

6)      I have no financial security, I do not own property or a car or have any investments what so ever  *I used to consider my DVD collection an investment but now I am not sure anymore

7)      I just got rejected for an interesting job that had one of the stupidest applications ever (Godzilla and nail clippers and other essay topics like these, fucking hipsters) and instead of being gracious, I took 5 seconds to assess the situation and realized they would never hire me in the future, so I sent an incredibly passive aggressive email back

8)      I keep writing on my CV that soft skills are my strong point (see: arts degree, also jobs dealing with people) but the truth is that people drive me crazy and I would like to yell at them every day if it was not for my repressive Estonian upbringing. I do like puppies though.

9)      I am shit at balancing my life; I don’t divide my time between work, friends, and working out, volunteering and quiet time. I lie in bed 75% of time and if I could get money without having to ever get up, I probably would never move. I am ashamed to admit this last fact in public because everyone else seems to be handling this adult thing better than I (or not giving enough of a fuck about life)


2 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why I Think I am Failing at Being an Adult

  1. Don’t worry, everyone’s a bad adult! Look at all the failing adults around you. Look at me! 😛 I run out of utensils almost daily. And most countries can’t even claim to have financial security. You might end up working in a job you didn’t expect, but it could contribute to the future job-you-actually-want in all sorts of unexpected ways.

    • Do you think so? Everyone else seems to be faking it so much better, they claim to have a plan in life and they have matching plates!
      I want to go back to easier times when it was socially acceptable, even romanticized to be a tortured artist and drink yourself to death. Now that is one career path careers advisers don’t tell you about. … Maybe i should become a careers adviser!

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