“Revolution” is as exciting as watching paint dry..

..and not even red paint, maybe a dirty grey paint, a repetitive, unimaginative and overpriced paint, but let us not get ahead of ourselves.

th (1)NBC’s “Revolution” is produced by J.J. Abrams who has his hand in every single television and cinema cookie jar, with Hollywood’s approval of course (i am trying to reinvent the meaning of the earlier expression). The show is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the government made nano-machines that got out of control and destroyed all electrical equipment. People panicked, governments fell and militias took over, stockpiling guns and controlling the food supply. 15 years later there are no rednecks but lots of peaceful, crossbow-trained, stunningly groomed folk just living their lives in the countryside. Some others have joined the militia to roam around the villages and demand taxes, i assume they joined out of sheer lack of other future prospects.  There are some pendants that can give limited power and the baddies want to know how to get more of it and the good guys want to get more of it, to even out the fight…(also known as attempting to give this whole damn show a plot).

th (2)“Revolution” is currently half way through its first season and it looks like a sure bet for renewal. If you have not yet noticed, i really-really am not liking this show cause i think there is so much wrong with it!

The show features some seriously bad writing! And i know oh so well about bad, rambling, pointless writing that very few care about (welcome to my blog). The writers on “Revolution” sucked out the life from the premise by injecting it with meaningless actions and reactions, questionable dialogue and uninteresting twists and turns…BOOORING. It does not help that this show has been done before in many different variations, it is “Lost” meets “Indiana Jones” and add some “Jericho”, maybe a tad “Walking Dead”, put a “Alias” type sexy and fight-lusty female lead and top it of with some “24” style government corruption. Now mix it all together and suck the life out of everything that made these other ones beloved by critics and audiences alike.

thHowever, let us not forget the good stuff. I think the sets are pretty darn stunning, good mix between outdoor and indoor stuff, decent budget. I have a feeling though they set the show 15years after the end of modern life solely so they could build and use these sets. The acting isn’t too bad either, it is not the fault of the actors that their characters are fairly bland. A welcomed exception is Giancarlo Esposito of “Once Upon a Time” (and many others) fame. The cast as a whole is filled with faces you’ll recognize, most notably half of the supporting cast from “Lost” who must be eager to pad out their post-cult show retirement funds.

My pure hatred for this show surprised even myself but i read a critic’s opinion that summed up the main reason for me disliking it: “Revolution” is a science fiction show that does not require the audience to think. I love my sci-fi shows and i love how they make me think, broaden my horizon to what is “right and wrong” and what else is out there, they inspire me to strive and break fixed ways of thinking. The problem here is that “Revolution” is a cheap excuse for hiring an expensive set designer.


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