“666 Park Avenue”- review

For a brief 13 episodes audiences were again treated to the presence of “Lost” actor (and generally awesome) Terry O’Quinn on their TV screens. While John Locke was kinda good, kinda evil and then kinda good and then kinda dead, this time around in “666 Park Avenue” O’Quinn plays Gavin who is pretty much the devil. Seems straight forward, right? Well he manages to still fill the role with a hefty dose of his usual charm that makes him even more freaking frightening!

th (2)What is the devil doing on TV, you might ask. Well “666 Park Avenue” in its core is very much supernatural meets drama meets nice scary jump-off-your-seat moments. The series started off with a young couple who move to New York from a small town. He is an attractive lawyer with integrity and ambition. She is an attractive architecture and restoration  (if i remember right) graduate who believes in supernatural stuff and has family issues. They move into a posh apartment building at 999 Park Avenue as managers of day-to-day activities, though the woman seems to be the only one doing something and she is not doing much. Anyway, the job comes with a free apartment and the mentoring of the owners, married couple and filthy rich Gavin and Olivia (played by Vanessa Williams).

th (1)The 13 episodes center around various tenants of the building, their wishes and the price Gavin makes them pay for granting their every desire. He keeps saying: everything has a price, and he does not mean this figuratively (people get murdered and disappear into walls and shiz). The running theme throughout the season is that restoration girl finds out about the building’s secrets and her own connection to it. However, the show wastes the first 5 episodes or so on her getting scared by ghosts and the building just generally being a dick. Once the producers realized it was not going so well aka nobody was watching, things picked up.

th (3)Turns out she and her family used to live there when she was a kid and her grandmother’s babysitter was sacrificed by some dudes in the building and her mother was killed by Gavin because he was her real father. Got that? I know, right?! This fabulous pay off came pretty much one or two episodes before the end when cancellation was reality. Until then we are treated to kleptomanic teenagers who can see the future, political intrigue that really no one cares about, oh and Whoopi Goldberg is actually a bird (or multiple, to be precise).

After all of this, the final episode seemed interesting but i also said out loud: really, that was it…? See the show is a prime example of style over substance, the fancy CGI and extravagant costumes and sets fooled me into believing the mystery behind it all was much bigger and more satisfying. I was curious and i got my answers but..meh, there is worse out there but i am not surprised at all that “666 Park Avenue” got cancelled.


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