“Touch”: “Heroes” meets “24” (but they don’t mesh well)

405px-touch_s1_poster_001Touch” is a drama/thriller/supernatural TV series currently in its second season on Fox. It stars Kiefer Sutherland as Martin Bohm. Bohm’s wife was a successful broker who died in the September 11 attacks in New York. Together they had a son, Jake who was only a baby when his mom died. Jake is autistic (don’t quote me on the diagnosis), he doesn’t talk and he sees/feels things other don’t. He writes endless amounts of codes in his notebook that only make sense to him. Early on his dad realizes that Jake has the ability to see which people anywhere in the world need to meet in order to balance out the universe. He doesn’t see the future, he only recognizes patterns around us and tries to make his dad understand and act upon them to make things right. And Kiefer Sutherland is just happy to connect to his mute son who doesn’t even let his father give him a hug.

“Touch” is another brainchild from “Heroes” creator Tim Kring (btw i love the name Tim Kring, sounds like someone who would fight crime at night). “Heroes” was this wonderfully told ensemble science fiction drama that ran for four seasons on NBC. Even though it fizzled out by the end, season one was magical: the critics loved it and millions watched it eagerly, doesn’t happen much these days anymore. “Heroes” (season one) worked so well because because i believed that all the smaller storylines played into this big season long arc but at the same time,pic-Tim-Kring-and-Heroes-1.5-col-300x176 they were almost all satisfying on their own. We had great heroes, everyday people, a very scary bad guy and a mission for which they all needed to come together. (On a side note, that is why i think “Heroes” lost its spark, once the characters had found each other, their heroic cycle seemed complete…what now?) I couldn’t care less about the characters for more than an episode on “Touch”.

A lot of people were super excited to have Kiefer Sutherland back on television but i must say i HATE him in this role. Sutherland is a talented actor but it might be his skill to play extremes or his overexposure as an almost iconic everyday man/killer that make him non believable and annoying as Martin Bohm. Every action sequence he is in beats up the delicacy of the show’s premise, every illogical yelling match he gets into makes me wonder when he will call out for Chloe. I wasn’t crazy for “24” but at least it was entertaining or thrilling even.touch-tv-show

“Touch” has the international stories like “Heroes” did (a definite advantage of the show) and the intriguing premise (“i have never spoken a single word”) but somehow it doesn’t gel too well. The smaller side stories and guest actors often times do a better and more interesting job than the regulars- that is never a good thing. Kiefer Sutherland plays burned out dad with the subtlety of a jackhammer and yes, he can still kick ass at age 46, but for me the whole thing just doesn’t work.


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