If Carrie Bradshaw and Liz Lemon had a baby..

girls-lena-dunham..it would be Lena Dunham! Yes, not her character but the 26year old creator of “Girls” herself. In case you have been living in a forest for a year, “Girls” is the “hottest” comedy-drama out there right now. It deals with a group of twenty-somethings living in New York City. It is on HBO (which was also the home of “Sex and the City”) meaning we get boobs and butts and swearing, while nothing crazy outrageous happens, it really does make you notice the unusually prudish nature of American network television.

The critics give the show awards, the people talk about it- you can love it or hate it but it is difficult to ignore “Girls”. Do i like it? I find the LizLemonesque awkwardness of someone in their 20s to be relatable to me. Girls-Lena-Dunham-new-fashion-comedy-TV-series-JPG_130409I believe Dunham to be the voice of someone, maybe not a whole generation but she captures something unique. I watch the show because the words she writes for the characters to say make me feel like i have known them for ages. I probably don’t like a whole lot of them but we all have people with whom we are friends though we don’t particularly like most sides of their personalities. Don’t lie to yourself, you got them too, maybe you used to be friends ages ago and now it just feels comfortable…

As i said, i admire Dunham. At 26, her TV show has been renewed for season three, she acts, directs and writes…and is not a skinny blonde. Fucking eh! The honest writings of Bradshaw meet the personal life confusion of Lemon. Hell, i don’t want to be anyone on “Girls” but maybe in a few years i will be as creative, resourceful and powerful as Lena Dunham.


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