“1600 Penn”- don’t bother..



1600 Penn” is a new American comedy series that premiered in December of 2012.

The main characters are all part of a very nutty family living in the White House. The president is again played by Bill Pullman who is not actually bad in the role but seems like he is not trying at all. His wife is played by the ever so charming Jenna Elfman who is without a doubt the highlight of the whole show. Elfman’s screen presence and comedic timing make it seem like no time (or Scientology worshiping) has passed since her stint as Dharma on “Dharma and Greg”. Josh Gad plays Skip, the president’s oldest son. There are not enough words to describe how much i loathe him but i’ll try:

1) I hate anyone named Skip

2) Gad is in his early 30s and it shows

3) His comedic timing is painful to watch..

4) and the fact that he co-created it and is also an executive producer makes me question his taste cause whoever writes his lines should change careers now

1600 PennMartha MacIsaac plays the oldest daughter Becca. Her performance is not bad either but the whole “perfect girl gets drunk and knocked up” storyline has been done before and while it is difficult i believe there is a way to do it without being so one dimensional. The other highlight of the show is Andre Holland as the White House Press Secretary, he is funny, clever without being annoying. The president also has two young kids, the (possible) lesbian Marigold and the geeky conspiracy theorist Xander. I try not to hate on kids but let us just say that they don’t make the show more watchable either.

The storylines haven’t gotten any better, frankly the only stories within 4 episodes are that the kids don’t really like dad’s new wife, Skip is a loser and the daughter is pregnant. The show is just boring and painful to watch. It has a 4.7 rating (out of 10) on imdb.com, less than 4 million viewers and very mixed reactions from critics. To be honest, i am surprised the show has lasted for that long. Someone either recast the thing and fire half of the writers or just cancel it and put it out of its (and my misery) already.


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