I’m the main character of my life (“Daydream Nation”)

Yup, i actually watched a proper film for once. During my post holiday “what, i have to go back to teaching?!” blues i scowered Youtube for interesting movie trailers that did not involve torture porn or singing. I found the trailer for “Daydream Nation” and was immediately fascinated by the concept of busty Kat Dennings finding herself…in the bed of her teacher, played by the gorgeously blue-eyed Josh Lucas.

638-DAYDREAM NATION 白日夢過度 pp 638

Let us just say that this is one of these times when the trailer is better than the actual film. “Daydream Nation” tries to follow the premise that everyone is screwed up but yet we all have someone out there just as crazy as we are. Sounds good, doesn’t it? However, it delivers a convoluted mess including a serial killer, air pollution, Andie MacDowell without make up, small town boredom and drug use, teenage angst and adult confusion. Kat Dennings is hot and has a few scenes where her great delivery skills and beautiful lips shine through the stupid maze of storylines with characters behaving less life-like than that little paperclip that used to tell me if i spelled something wrong. As for the other actors, Reece Thompson who plays Dennings’ boyfriend is wonderfully fucked up and Lucas is hot but loses his charm by the end of it.

Overall, “Daydream Nation” promises independent heroine quirkiness in a small town with a little naughty teacher action mixed within and that is exactly what you get, if you stop watching this sad excuse for a paycheck at around the 25 minute mark.


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