When i grow up i want to be Liz Lemon

Every wannabe will someday find their hero/heroine to aspire to be like and mine is Liz Lemon. If you are in the same boat as i was a month ago, here is the scoop on the funniest TV show i have seen in a long time. Tina Fey has both created and is starring (as Liz Lemon) in “30 Rock“, a quirky comedy 30-rock1about the staff at a fictional “SNL” type show called TGS with Tracy Jordan. The show demonstrates great self awareness and is rigged with pop cultural references but doesn’t drown in it own hype.

As a budding writer and television lover, seeing a woman in charge as a creative leader with flaws and quirks makes her really relatable to me. If i could be like that one day, have messy hair, be insecure yet good at my job and date Jason Sudeikis, then damn it i could live with that. Cause let us have a look at which other leading women on television we have on offer for young women to strive towards: dumb blondes, vampires, women in love with vampires, old bitches, young pretty bitches, and the women that the guys on “Two and a Half Men” sleep with. While cable channels feature women of a wider spectrum of age and ethnicity, these don’t seem to be much more multi-faceted than wanting to get a man or a kid, or be Liz-Lemondriven by the fact that someone or something denies them access to their gender specific (and -driven) conventions.

I will admit it, Alec Baldwin was incredibly hot in the 80s and his straight faced deliveries of some of the funniest lines on the show makes him seem like TV’s George Clooney. Man, i wish the whole “little pig” debacle hadn’t happen… Anyway, it is refreshing to see a man and a woman on television interacting without wanting to screw each other’s brains out in a will-they-won’t-they dragged out storyline. The other guy that i like is Pete, he is lovable but at the same time has good chemistry with Liz. I hope they will explore their friendship a bit more.30-rock-cast Oh and Kenneth, you can’t not like him…though i liked him more when he had less to say. On the other hand, i do not care much for Tracy Jordan even though i feel the show tells me i should. Last but not least is Jenna, i already thought Jane Krakowski (who plays Jenna) was hot on “Ally McBeal” but i think now she has perfected the role of the dumb blonde who is funny and in charge of her life. The best thing though is that the actress is in her early 40s..YES, how refreshing! And her character’s promiscuity somehow reeks less of desperation than that other blonde from that TV show also set in New York. Another factor that sets “30 Rock” apart is that everyone in Hollywood with a flailing career seemed to have called Tina Fey to do a guest spot whether as themselves or as crazy weirdos.lizlemonhappy My highlights include David Schwimmer, Will Arnett and Emily Mortimer.

I have no idea how i had not seen a single episode of it in 6 years. Me! Usually I am like the vacuum cleaner from “Teletubbies” when it comes to anything and everything television related. I have now gotten through seasons 1 and 2 and it is still not annoying, and don’t tell me if it does get annoying and repetitive, though i am sure i will watch way too much of it during the holidays anyway. In the long run however i think this show has cracked my understanding on how to write a good female character for television: have men and women treat her like an equal, let her be good at some things and bad at others and not be obsessive compulsive about starting a family. You know, just write her to be like women in real life.


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