“24”- i seriously need to stop complaining about a bad day

Warning: my thoughts on the show “24” are solely based on the pilot, all of season 5 and the series finale, as well as any media hype surrounding it. Why this weird choice? I am usually one for doing things in order, i mean you wouldn’t go to fancy restaurant and have dessert, then get drunk and then have the main course either, would you? However, after watching the pilot i realized that i was having difficulties relating to the bad hair and clothing, as well as terrorist secrets on floppy discs.. Oh dear 2001, who knew that just a mere eleven years later you would seem so obsolete. That made me search for a season, a full storyline to enjoy without missing too much of the show’s mythology. I chose season 5 as it is widely considered to be the series’ most acclaimed season by fans and critics alike, scoring the show’s highest ratings and receiving twelve Emmy Award nominations with five wins.

Season 5 begins some time after Jack faked his own death to hide from the Chinese (who cares why), he is all cozy with a brainless version of Erin Brockovich who has an annoying son. Long story short-ish: there is a bank heist, bad Russian accents, nerve gas, crazy wives, bad presidents, dead presidents, many people die in the line of duty, others kill themselves and some are miraculously still alive after attempting to drive off of cliffs. Oh and there is a happy ending…until the Chinese come back.

I know i am about 10 years too late with this, but loving the innovative style! Very cinematic yet fitting the hour long, real time concept of a television action drama. However, it didn’t manage to convince me cause:

  • The acting is great and some of the guest actors are better than the regulars, at least from the impressions i could gather from one episode cause then they all died or disappeared
  • I couldn’t have guessed some of the plot-twists at all but there are just so many of them that i got desensitized to anyone’s attempt at a real, human emotional reaction very quickly
  • Female characters were all either clueless and overly emotional or bitches! Even my beloved 1980s and 90s action films featured more proactive women
  • Chloe’s incredibly ugly green cardigan (poor actress for having to wear it for a good 9 months)

Overall, i did enjoy the action packed scenes with the sexy voiced JB but i was annoyed at the way my sisters from different vaginas were portrayed. Even though it started before 9/11, i can understand how effective a show about terrorism was during the noughties especially for Americans. I believe it could also be seen as a great tool for starting discussion among audiences around the world as it showcased how America was trying to recreate its image of a power to be reckoned with. “24” proves great use of cinematography and the existence of the Jack Bauers and Bryan Mills’ of our world let me sleep peacefully at night.

Not really, cause i do actually realize that they are not real (see pic above).


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