“2 Broke Girls” -giving young, poor people a bad rep

Let us be honest here, “2 Broke Girls” should be renamed “The Kat Dennings Show“, cause that is all it is, a vehicle to have this great comedian and busty non conformer on our TV screens every week. If you took her out of the equation, there would not be much left.

The premise of the show is pretty easy, Kat Dennings and a blonde bimbo are broke and want to open a cupcake business which they need money for. Similarly to the HBO series “Girls”, “2 Broke Girls” is “Sex and the City” for 20something women. The premise is as implausible as “Sex..”, and the characters still have perky boobs as the ladies in “Girls”. This show differs the most however because “Sex..” took 4 stereotypes and built upon them, whereas “2 Broke Girls” took a bunch of stereotypes and hollowed them out till nothing was left. It also managed to kill the “wow, they are in New York and even though shiz doesn’t make sense and they are kinda slutty i aspire to be like them” factor.

I shouldn’t judge too early since “Sex and the City” also needed a little time to truly flesh out its characters. And season 2 of “2 Broke Girls” has been mildly funnier than the first season but that is not saying much since season 1 followed the creator’s attitude that the show is too clever to be needing to be funny.  This wouldn’t be a bad thing, a bit of raunchy humor and  female empowerment delivered by the superb comedic timing of Dennings could make up for obvious lack of chemistry and funny scripts. Looking a bit further though, the show features craploads of racially motivated jokes and certain ethnic and cultural stereotypes. I mean come on, their boss Han Lee played by San Francisco born Matthew Moy has no accent in real life but for cheap jokes he has to make a mockery of his family’s heritage. Same goes for two other American actors playing a Ukrainian cook and  Polish cleaner, respectively. I get the point that everyone on the show is getting “teased” for their stereotype but could one have made these stereotypes anymore dumb, insulting and one dimensional?! (Still love Jennifer Coolidge though, just not in this role.)

Pop cultural awareness and slight self loathing can’t make up for lack of substance, jokes and characters to root for. As you can tell, i heart Kat Dennings but her character is not the typical female lead but rather the snarky best friend which leaves us with no main character to cheer on. I have been broke, doing crappy jobs alone in a big city but i would rather shoot myself than be like any of these people. Well..maybe Earl, he is lovable. Go Earl woop!


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