“18 to Life”- surprisingly not a prison drama

18 to Life” is this little Canadian television sitcom that premiered in 2010 and ran for 2 seasons. The premise is quite cute and adds a new spin to the “odd couple” relationship routine known from other shows. “18 to Life” is the story of Jessie and Tom, a young couple who decides, on a dare, to get married right out of high school. The show focuses on their first year as a married couple, the struggles and misunderstandings of adult life, as well as their friends and respective family coming to terms with the union.

The young people are rather sane and sweet, their parents are batshit crazy though. Jessie’s parents are hippies while Tom’s family is stuck up and neurotic. These pairs do follow overused cliches but they also offer comedic relief to juxtapose the relationship drama. The show as a whole is like ABC Family but on crack. It is “Juno” but funnier, or “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” but with substance. The characters have sex and argue and every episode does not hit the reset button to make everything idyllic again. However, one can watch the episodes out of sequences and still be entertained.  The main difference between “18 to Life” and other cutesy shows is that i found myself caring about the characters and their lives. They are fleshed out and could substitute as the everyman’s sweet and wacky neighbors, no matter where you live. Divorce is (especially for a young couple) a definite possibility in life but true commitment and belief in marriage are, in my opinion worth the struggle 🙂

Fun fact: Can’t really judge young married couples as my brother got married at age 20..fast forward 15 years, they have 3 kids, a house, two dogs etc etc. Mad people, i am telling you MAD 😀



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