Why are English sitcoms rarely funny?

Probably an unpopular opinion but it is true! I had a course at uni that was all about sitcoms and i was really glad to broaden my horizon of British ones and some Scottish sitcoms were actually funny (Gary Tank Commander, anyone?) but most English ones were only funny in the sense of “i sit here and silently judge the characters with my smug face pretending it is funny while it really is not“. I guess being happy that you are not the character can be enjoyable or even considered entertainment. I swear though, people think that just because something is on the BBC it must be highbrow and therefore classy enough to be claimed a great and funny show.

A prime example for that is “15 Storeys High“, a sitcom set in a tower block in London. It features Vince, a cynical people hater who i sincerely hope not to grow up to be like, even on a Monday morning before my first cup of coffee. His flatmate Errol (great acting on his part) is kinda the opposite, does everything Vince says and is all sorts of random, not necessarily in a bad way. Overall, i just don’t get the appeal. Oh and a laugh track might have motivated me to at least smile every now and again which really did not happen once during four episodes. I would have watched more in case episode five was to be the funny one but i couldn’t cause real life is bound to be funnier than this crap.


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