“101 Ways to Leave a Game Show”- the death of creative ideas?

When life is not entertaining enough people turn to television for their dose of “wow..that is crazy”, as well as the obligatory “haha i am glad i am not that person” moment. Gone are the days when moving images by themselves were fascinating enough. These days, spectacle over substance thrives and it will probably only get more extreme. As they say, bigger is better and life is entertainment.

101 Ways to Leave a Game Show” provides just that. It is a game show that premiered last year and each episode had 8 contestants who were knocked out one by one. First by asking an educated guess question that determined the order of the contestants. The one closest to the answer got the first choice of answers for the actual question, and the other contestants answered in ascending order. The main question had 3 right and 1 wrong answer, the person who picked the wrong answer was eliminated in spectacular fashion (giving the show its name).  Absolutely random and crazy exits included riding a biplane wing, being pulled off a dock by a speedboat or being blasted off in a chair rigged with an explosive device. The last one standing got to go home with $50,000.

The show was first developed for British audiences but has been sold to 9 countries including the good old USA (Americans should have really come up with it first!). It is a prime example of spectacle over substance as the questions are lame and the contestants are rather boring with the most exciting backstory being a guy’s Lady Gaga tattoo. It is a series of fillers in preparations for crazy stunt exits.

What is next? “The Hunger Games”-game show?..Ashamed to admit it but i would probably watch. Also the title of 101 Ways… is a bit of a lie as it luckily got cancelled after season 1 and all together featured only 25 Jean-Claude Van Damme movie worthy endings instead of the 101 promised. So maybe humanity has hope after all..or are they just working on their next brain child: “101 Ways to Kill Contestants During a Game Show“?


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