How do you want to die?

My goal of watching random TV shows brought me to “1000 Ways to Die” a cheerful little series that ran for 4 (!) seasons and is described as a tongue-in-cheek approach to death, it includes unusual deaths and urban legends, interviews with experts and recreated video footage.

First five mins i thought only creeps and 14year old boys would appreciate the show but it was weirdly fascinating! Yes true, people get electrocuted, eaten by dangerous pets, cooked alive in industrial sized tumble dryers and cut in half by freak car crashes..BUT gore wise it is not worse than the graphic novel/crime/hot people killing other people film “Sin City”.

In light of all these possible scenarios on screen, i realized i have never really imagined how i would like to die. Obviously, i would rather not be in pain and still be in control of my own bowel movements but who knows what real life will be like. What i know is that i am proud to be an organ donor and would really recommend anyone doing the same. You’ll be dead so why not do one good thing with your spare parts (can’t sell them on eBay anymore!). And personally, whatever is left after organ donation..give it to science. I have always been fascinated by the future and the continuous and fascinating discoveries made by scientists and for me, striving towards progress is the true circle of life. Not particularly keen on rotting underground or being burned (too many films where people accidentally get burned alive). All i know is that i do not want a funeral ceremony, no crying or an open casket! For all i care it should be a Star Trek costume party on the beach with craploads of colorful cocktails.

In conclusion, death and television do go together but after watching a few episodes of “1000 Ways to Die”, there is truly something desirable about dying peacefully in your sleep.


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