Why i love NCIS (and you should too)

Have you ever watched NCIS? No no, not CSI! The other one that is always kind of on TV, with those characters who do something.. Did you recognize yourself in this, if so then read on to find out why you should love NCIS as much as i do.

NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service, it is an American drama (sometimes comedy) which is currently in its tenth season. The episodes follow the typical police procedural layout one is used to: a mystery is presented, some banter follows, someone is implicated of the crime, followed by some more clever banter and investigative work and then, the surprise ending of who the killer actually is. The only difference as such is that all criminal investigations have to do with the US Navy or Marines (men in uniforms yum yum). The longevity of the show also means that you can hop on and hop off at any point, (i would recommend the season two episode SWAK as an entry point). However, the chemistry between the characters is the biggest selling point of NCIS.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the leader of the bunch, a very tortured soul yet the father figure of the team. He represents an almost Shakespeareanesque man with loyalty, honor and the love for and death of his family being his driving force. At the same time, Gibbs is the everyman, in his free time he hangs around his garage, he builds boats with his bare hands and drinks a cold beer straight out of a bottle. Every team needs a leader and Gibbs does it with the force necessary and the ease to make him a believable hero.

Tony DiNozzo is my favorite, the movie loving womanizer with great intuition and even prettier eyes. He brings the comedy and the fun to the team. Tony is also half of the will they won’t they duo of Tiva aka Tony and Ziva. He is troubled but he turns everything into a joke and i find this very intriguing.

Ziva joined in season 3, at first she was the brooding and mysterious Israeli agent, then she was the butt kicking hottie who spoke broken English, now she is..wait she is nothing! They have managed to water her character down to the occasional relationship drama with her father or a boyfriend, whereby she always depends on the male characters’ decisions. I seriously need to get into television script writing cause the lack of believable strong females on the small screen brings out the feminist in me.

Abby Sciuto is the scientist/goth of the show. Abby can be seriously cool but i am not a fan of the character. Within most plots she is just the one who states facts and talks a lot, if an episode is concentrating on her she is never the heroine but rather she needs saving by the male characters (mostly Gibbs but now also her weirdass creepy brother). Strong female characters on television are dead, even the ones with tattoos and leather jackets.

The actor portraying Dr Mallard (or Duckie) is incredibly talented, they don’t give him much to do but every scene he is, even if it is a scene with him and a dead body, he steals the show. Dr Mallard and his trusted sidekick Jimmy Palmer form the best “we cut up dead folk but are still adorable” team on television! I am so happy Palmer will be part of the main cast from this season onwards, took the writers only umm..9.5 seasons!

My sincere hope for season 10 is that Tim McGee will get to do something. The character started off as the awkward chubby newby but has grown more confident and seasoned over the years. Unfortunately, awesome episodes dealing with him as an author or his sister’s issues were done years ago and since then we have been given an episode every two years where Sean Murry gets to do something (wtf, his grandma..such bull). Less of Gibbs getting injured and more of the supporting players outwith the supporting roles.

Season 9 was a bit of a dud, there were just too many fillers in it but it was still enjoyable enough to watch. The season 10 premiere was a bit meh as well, they created this villain and then killed him off without any suspense. Good villains seem to have the same fate as strong women in Hollywood. The audience numbers are holding steady though so i am pretty sure there will be a season 11 BUT i hope they won’t push it for much longer, give me (as a fan) 1 or 2 more seasons of awesome writing and develop all your characters and then, let us call this a wrap cause all good things must come to an end.


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