You wanna be on top..of Tyra Banks in a schoolgirl outfit?

America’s Next Top Model is well into its late teens with cycle 19 being midway through. This cycle is college themed..for absolutely no other reason than Tyra and co running out of creative ideas. She says she got the idea after graduating from Harvard Business School. The truth is she actually finished a 9 week course stretched out to 3 years. She did not gain entrance with her elite academic results or other important achievements she has done for humanity but rather cause she had the money (if I remember right it was about 100 000 dollars for the whole 9 weeks).

Anyway, the show needed a revamp cause the viewership numbers are so low, ANTM has lost so 3/4 of its audience in the last 5 years (the show has been on since 2003). First things first, Tyra got rid of all the old judges…

Say hello to Rob Evans, some male model i had never heard of. He looks good shirtless though and has a cute accent and seems like a sweet guy. The guy on the right of the dragqueen is Johnny Wujek, his claim to fame is styling Katy Perry, Wujek is the new creative..whatever at the photoshoots. He is also rather hot but does not actually get involved at the shoots so i guess his status is eye candy number 2. The last new addition is Bryanboysome pointless tiny unlikable fashion blogger, who cares.

The real twist this cycle is that viewers were able to vote during the summer (and taping) for the pics they liked. I think i voted on two shoots since i kept forgetting it was happening. I am really feeling the scoring part, makes everything more clear and gives the illusion of fairness and objectivity. Although they should get rid of Bryanboy and just have the girls or Tyra read the comments and stuff themselves, that guy really is rather useless.

But now to the girls!!

Leila (left) is awesome, i am not a crazy fan but her look is cool plus she has that gap in her teeth that makes her more memorable. She was eliminated a few episodes ago BUT this cycle one eliminated girl gets to come back and it better be her.

Kristin (right) is the resident bitch this cycle, her personality is so entertaining and her pics are cool but i might murder her in real life if stuck in a room for too long.

Victoria (above) needs to win! She has a cool look and she is so funny without even trying. The whole motherly attachment thing is slightly weird but somehow more likable than miss “i love nosebleeds” or miss “they called me giant”.

PS: i present to you the photo i have disliked the most this season:

somehow Laura looks like a tall, overly tanned bimbo..and her crotch is so in my face! She is a fan favorite to win, not my cup of tea though!


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