No one knew she had a dental implant until it came out in a conversation

If you got a weird dental phobia, do not read on as i will be talking about my teeth! I have had braces all together maybe 3.5 years, as well as another maybe 2 years of retainers. I will have to wear my current transparent plastic ones for another 1.5 years and a lot of folk have put me to heart to really wear them as they didn´t after they got their braces off and their teeth moved back. Believe me, i ain´t getting braces back unless i have to. Although i am all for improving oneself i personally think i couldn´t have rocked the braces look for much longer (but i do miss getting to choose new colours every 6 weeks).

The occasion for this post is that today exactly one month ago i got a false tooth and it has not fallen out! Can i get a woopwoop? As background info: i am missing 3 teeth, no i did not lose them during illegal boxing matches they just never existed in my jaw. I blame genetics as i am also missing 3 of my 4 wisdom teeth. My orthodontist in Estonia was able to make one of babyteeth stay permanently, my orthodontist in Giffnock managed to close the other missing ones place up with the braces but number 3 had to get put in. I really tried finding a pic were the gap is visible but i really rarely smiled showing my teeth and even then i subconsciously always had the other side towards the camera..strange strange.

Anyway, my hot dentist Gareth put in a fake tooth a month ago and even though it is still freakishly weird that there is something in my mouth that hasn´t been there in 15 years (make your own perverted sex jokes if you want to). I still haven´t been brave enough to bite down on anything hard with this thing (jeesh, it does sound a bit dirty) but hottie dentist promised the thing will not fall out.

The point behind this tmi post is that..if your teeth have been bugging you get them fixed damn it! Money is not an issue since there really are possibilities out there, for example i got 95% of the costs on the NHS. Also, the pain is not that bad and the sooner you do it the easier your teeth will move and the quicker you will see results. I don´t regret it.

PS: my orthodontist is such a weirdo, every visit he keeps giving me his business cards and telling me to write him a positive review online and tell all my friends about him… (which i guess i am inevitably doing just now haha). But really, i had no idea the orthodontics field was in such bad shape that word to mouth, pun intended, was the only way to make some cash.


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