You wanna be on top? Britain and Ireland style!

Since i love making big statements i just have to say, i love Next Top Model shows! Whether American, Australian, German, New Zealand, British or others, i cannot get enough of pretty girls in pretty clothes taking weird ass pictures.

This season of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model has been pretty amazing so far, i love the girls but well the photoshoots are rather low budget giving the whole show an amateur feel to it. Even if there is nothing amateur about it with judges such as Elle Macpherson and Tyson Beckford, as well as a long line of guest judges from former Spice Girls to former Pussycat Dolls.

After my two least faves (Madeline and Roxanne) went home during the last two episodes, the final 5 are Anita, RisikatEmma,  Letitia . Here are my thoughts on the girls:

Anita– such a hottie! But she is not a model, although she is getting the “most improved” edit which, if you are familiar with Top Model usually means top3 or 4 at least. In my opinion she should be kicked out next, followed by a stint trying her hand at hosting and then disappearing into reality TV oblivion.

Risikat-man, i wish i had such a pretty face! Then again, she is short and she looks short and she will never do anything meaningful in the fashion world. I could see her do some hosting and be good at it, possibly a scripted show in a studio somewhere (her legs and  personality are just not big enough to carry any live shows). Although going with that scenario..she really needs to learn to speak English properly (yes, i realize the irony of me saying that), since her honey voice can take her only as far without any sense of grammar or a wide vocabulary.

Emma-she was my favourite in episode one, rosy cheeks and gorgeous hair meets cute Welsh accent. The difference between her and Risikat is that Emma cannot physically change up her look to anything other than pretty white girl (whereas Risi just has not mastered the face). Don´t think she will do anything in the fashion world either although i would buy beauty products from her. But whatever she does i hope she stays away from dating celebrities and becomes more than just a pretty face. 

Lisa– best personality and prettiest lips this season. She is sweet and a hard worker, yet professional at the same time. I might not enjoy all her pics but i can admit, i wish i would look that good with short hair, plus she never has to do the Snooky pouty face cause her face does naturally do just that. Unfortunately, she ended up on the same season as Letitia so without further beating around the bush..

Letitia– I will be so shocked if that girl does not win! I mean it really was clear from the beginning, even though she is short and has huge boobs, she looks like a superstar! I might not be a big fan of the manipulative personality but she combines the best of Natalie Portman, Natasha ANTM cycle 8 and a supermodel. She is not getting the best edit though which is worrying me but just looks and walk wise- clear winner from day one.


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