Glee season 4 premiere

I have never been a fan of Glee. I just watch it in bulk when ever i am bored or cannot sleep and most of the time i just fast forward through the more boring musical numbers. I did however get around to watching the season 4 premiere as i thought the final episode of season 3 was rather sweet and wanted to see just how series creator and writer Ryan Murphy would solve the fact that these 30something actors had to finally graduate highschool, no way around it.

Old characters:

It was lovely to see Artie, Sam, Brittany and Tina all have a line in the same episode! I sincerely hope the rest of the season keeps playing up the strong points of their characters.

Kurt looked so grown up, even manly if i say so myself.

I absolutely did not miss Finn, Puck, Mercedes or Quinn. It was actually rather nice not to have them there as by season 3 often times it seemed that Murphy had to desperately try and fit them into the plot rather than let their characters find interesting storylines more naturally.

Finally, Rachel…dare i say it, she was likeable. Maybe it is cause i am about to move away from my familiar surrounding but her whole “i do not know if i belong here” was refreshing and honest rather than freakishly annoying. It was definitely the right decision to take the star out of the tedious highschool setting and relationship and give her a new start in New York.

New characters:

Most fun new character? Kate Hudson´s Cassandra July! Hudson stole the scenes she was in, not only was she in great shape and had a great dancing number, she also played up the bitch in a fun manner without going over the top. Definite stand out this episode.

While maybe not technically a new character, Wade “Unique” Adams brought the fun, heart and vocal chords the New Directions needed.

The rest of the new characters were incredibly boring and playing up to more stereotype than is the standard even for Glee. I would much rather see the remaining characters have something to do instead of pushing more Glee Project contestants into the already swollen main roster.


Jeesh, nothing interesting there either! The only songs i remembered were Chasing Pavements by Adele (i fast-forwarded through it) and the catchiest song of 2012 Call Me Maybe by CRJ (although even that one was rather bland, the only redeeming factor was that it was sang by an unusual 4some.


I read that next week will be a Britney Spears themed episode, i am sure that has nothing to do with the fact that the X Factor premiered this week… Anyway, i am not sure about it. While i do love pre 2004 Britney, i just have no love for her post crazy club music. We´ll see what songs they decide to use.


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