We also welcome straight sizes to the party.

The most popular post (by far) on this blog is “9 ONLINE STORES FOR THE QUIRKY-COOL PLUS SIZE SHOPPER“. Even 5 years later, it is getting loads of views and I think I get it. I am also always on the lookout for new plus size online stores popping up or existing ones starting to deliver to my small, Eastern European country. Also, I regularly get asked where I shop for my clothes and “online” doesn’t seem to cut it in terms of specificity anymore.

In honor of the (almost) 5 year anniversary of said post, here is an update of the websites that I scour for my daily dose of plus size fashion:


16. Simply Be

Verdict- a little on the pricey side so make sure to wait for sales. Used to feature mostly basic items but is getting more fun as we speak, larger size availability doesn’t hurt either.

15. Pretty Little Things

Verdict- holy cow, I refuse to name any cons because even if lots on the website isn’t exactly my taste, I am in love with the fact that such boldness, brightness and these cuts exist for plus size women. 10 years ago I would have never thought that I could have the option to dress as a Kardashian but now, the plus size clothing market is diversifying each year and I love it. Here is to hoping I will soon get the balls to rock more of these items.

14. River Island


Verdict- the selection is quite narrow. Some items are sensibly priced while others are through the roof without a clear distinction between the two (quality issues or the like).

13. Pink Clove


Verdict- I feel like their repertoire has stayed the same over the years, so if you like stability versus trendy, this can be for you. Lots of polyester and most things too short for my 5’11 frame.

12. Missguided


Verdict- the Santa shirt isn’t at all the best representation of the site. It is the place for first date dresses if you want to get laid but aren’t brave enough to do the walk of shame in a Boohoo outfit… at least that is what I have been told.

11. Mango


Verdict- what if H&M and Zara had a baby, well, there you go. This is the place I look at when I think I should get grown up clothes but then I realize I am not ready yet and postpone my shopping bag for another 8-10 years.

10. Lovedrobe

Verdict- a bit boring other than their Topsy Curvy (recently renamed to Curve Essentials) section.

9. Isolated Heroes

Verdict- sizes can sell out really fast. Other than that, major love for their unique and quirky items.

8. Boohoo

Verdict- pictured are the most conservative items they feature; unless you have an incredibly lenient boss, 90% of fun clothes on the site can only be worn on Saturday nights due to length (or lack thereof), tightness, as well as fishnet-iness. While the model featured is stunning and has a cool styling, she is on the loooower end of plus size which is  frustrating.

7. Ulla Popken

Verdict- horrible bras; a bit too expensive; mom-friendly fashion (I guess only a con if you don’t want to dress like a mom).

6. New Look

Verdict- it feels like their plus size range has been shrinking for a couple of years now. The prices have stayed low but it is fast fashion, meaning the quality requires you to buy newer items pretty quickly. Good for the occasional fun tshirt and socks!

5. Elvi


Verdict- Elvi markets itself as the high fashion one, combining straight and plus size models wearing the exact same looks, Idk, maybe it is just me but the concepts aren’t always that high and fun to warrant their prices.

4. LadyVLondon

Verdict- sizes sell out insanely quickly; most of their fab (!!) seasonal dresses are made out of polyester only. Give us cotton with pockets and I will name my first born after you.

3.  Evans

Verdict- a couple of years ago, I got a great raincoat with polkadot lining from there, as well as a cat sweater. Since then, I have only bought their knickers. It is very hit-or-miss…and expensive. But I am not giving up, I still remember their collaboration with Beth Ditto from 2010/11 and I drool. Do better, Evans!

2. ASOS Curve

Verdict- can be pricey (subscribe to newsletter for promo codes!), depends a lot on the season, sometimes very odd, unflattering styles for half a year and then boom, they’re back.

  1. YoursClothing 

Verdict- not a fan of the website layout; 2/3 of clothes are more basic items so you need to put in effort to find gems.

Please note, I have only included stores that deliver to my European country of residence. This leaves out a couple of well known brands. Also, I have not included most US retailers as I am not up for paying large customs fees for funny-slogan jumpers. The order of stores is not in any order of preference, I love all my fashion children equally, unless stated otherwise. Photos featured are all from said websites and available as of mid December, 2018.

Exploring Raplamaa- 2018 edition

My least sociable, yet most fun hobby is melting my bucket list of places to explore in Estonia. Here are some of the highlights from Raplamaa, that place your neighbours definitely didn’t visit during their Baltic cruise.


This beauty is Puraviku tuuleveski, a windmill two bus stops away from the main train station of the city of Rapla. The minibus that goes there is an experience on its own, however, don’t get tempted and get off at the stop named Öökulli. Follow the path along the field for 10-15 minutes and you cannot miss it.


If oddly shaped towers are more your thing, try the Sutlema guard tower close to the former Sutlema “mansion”. No, this is not a place to fly to Estonia for but if you are in the area, park your car directly next to the tower, take a walk in the surrounding park and be a tourist, the locals won’t understand but won’t try to chase you off with pitchforks.

Exploring Harjumaa- 2018 edition

There is more to Harjumaa than Tallinn old town, no matter what the travel guide tells you. So follow my lead, open up Google Maps, check when the local bus leaves the station next to the railway station Balti jaam, hop on and explore!

Featured below are some highlights, including: Viru raba (bog) õpperada, Ellandvahe kivi, Linnamäe hüdroelektrijaam, Muuga kabelikivi, Peetri tuulik, Põhjakonna trepp, Maardu, Rohuneeme Kabel (chapel).

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Exploring Tartumaa- 2018 edition

So you made it to the second biggest town in Estonia and all the student bars are closed? It must be 10am. But no worries, the bars will re-open in a couple of hours. In the meantime, why not follow my lead and make the most out of the free local transport in the county. Some off the beaten path suggestions I had the pleasure to visit this year are:


So yeah I don’t bird watch but I like a good view. While not one of the tallest, Lähte vaatetorn (watch tower) is only 15km outside of Tartu and easily reached by bus. Charming woods, pond and wooden swing included.


Tartu Kutsehariduskeskus (vocational school) has great windows, cheap food and hairdressers, enough said.


Luunja hobune (horse) is a statue about 12km outside of Tartu. It was randomly erected in 1990 but in 2017, someone dyed this guy purple overnight. While they tried to clean it, it proved fruitless and/or too expensive in the long run so now we have this wonderful purple horse statue!


Total cheat but since it is not located in the centre, I added ERM aka Estonian National Museum. You will find much better descriptions on what a 14 EUR ticket can buy you indoors. But even the outdoor area is quite wonderful with a pond, park and again, a wooden swing.

Exploring Tallinn-2018 edition

Some might say it is too early to recap the year. But considering it is dark, wet and cold outside, who knows how much more exploration I will get done this year (outside of my bed), so here goes nothing but the best of the capital of Estonia.

Included are trips to the Old town, Estonian Open Air Museum, Tallinn Synagogue, the film museum in Maarjamäe, Kadriorg, Paljassaare, Stroomi beach, Telliskivi Creative City, Tõnismägi and Pae park in Lasnamägi.

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Top Things That Struck Me When I Moved To Israel

  1. Where are the pidgeons? Tel Aviv has actual pidgeons but the closest thing Jerusalem has are much smaller, with a long tail feather and a light purple tint. Maybe it is the same as with brown and grey squirrels?
  2. The bank system is insane, in order to make a transaction, it is not enough to know the name and account number (or IBAN) of the person. You have to go either to the exact branch they opened their account at (not the same bank, the very same branch). Or know their ID number.
  3. Honking horns is a sport.
  4. Cleaning floors is done by completely flooding them, then pushing the water outside (or onto the balcony).
  5. It is easier to win the lottery than get a Rav kav but life is awesome after you do.
  6. People are yelling a lot, still not as bad as in the Balkans but combined with the local impatience, it makes me anxious.
  7. Adjusting yourself in public is not an issue for either gender.
  8. Humming or whistling in public is widely common and creepy but hey, people feel free, I guess.
  9. Riding the bus is tough. The earlier mentioned impatience combined with bad traffic means the driver will use any inch he has in front of him, go really fast and then hit the brakes. This regularly results in me taking flight in buses. Locals seem very used to it though.
  10. The only types of pizza available at supermarkets is cheese or olive pizza. Generally, selections for frozen foods are not large and it is unreasonably expensive.

(I wrote this after a few weeks in Israel and rediscovered it 3 years later. I apologize for the generalisations but I liked the naive and excited nature of the draft and decided to post it.)

Just a usual Friday night?

I finish work fairly late at the office on Fridays, afterwards I met with my editor and had a quick chat. Then, all I wanted was to get home and watch some stupid TV show. The following happened between 9pm and 9.30pm on a Friday night.
I get into the train home, wearing my usual tshirt, skirt, sneakers, backpack combo and listening to music on my pink phone. Two men in their 30s sit opposite me and start talking to me, asking me private questions (like if I have a boyfriend etc) right away. I politely say “I would just like to listen to my music, sorry”- they call me a “disgusting bitch” and go sit somewhere else.
On my way out of the train I have to walk through a short underpass, there were not many people there. A group of guys in their 20s pass me by and talk among themselves saying “oh look at that hot slut (loses a bit in translation)” and then discuss briefly but in detail how I would be in the sack.
When leaving the train station, I walk towards the busstop to catch the bus home. I hear a guy behind me say “hey baby” multiple times, I hoped he was on the phone but nah. I sit down, he sits very close to me and also starts telling me “baby, you are so beautiful, I know you from somewhere, I need a girlfriend, do you live close by baby” and whatever else. This went on for a bit longer as I could not really go anywhere.
Long story short. This is not OK!!! At first, I thought to myself that this was the reason I don’t like to go out, as the intelligence-level of these conversations does not get higher after a few drinks. But now, thinking back, this shit happens anyway.
It is not OK that it is socially unacceptable for me as a woman to do anything else than put my headphones on and walk away, otherwise I have to fear what you asshole might do to me or best case scenario, you would just yell more abuse at me.
It is also not OK that I felt the need to describe my clothing or the time of day at the beginning of this post, as if that shit would be OK anywhere at any time.
It is not OK that while I try to build my character and educate myself to become a strong and good person, you talk about me as if I was not even a person. Suddenly, my ability to get home from work in peace, to occupy space and just …be, depends on your whim of showing off to your friends what kind of a man you are (or why ever these things happen).
And it is not OK that you don’t show me the same respect every single human being deserves!
Most of the time I just try to forget whenever something like this happens because…well..it is nothing special, most people, especially women, experience this soooo often. BUT these are not compliments or insults, what these guys said and did tonight, even if I repeat myself a thousand times, was just not OK.